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Serfaus is a true paradise for families, and the summer adventure world has created an attraction that is second to none. Young and old alike will get their money's worth here. Goodbye boredom – hello action!

Murmliwasser & more

Murmli, our village mascot, is not only a big star in the winter world but also sets the tone in the Serfaus summer adventure world. “Murmliwasser” is the name of the huge adventure playground at the Komperdell – and here our mascot accompanies visitors on their way through the interactive games in the park.

In the marmot cave and attached enclosure, you can observe “real Murmala” in their home, and the attractions such as the wild stream, gold panning facility, ball tower, and Murmli rodeo captivate children of all ages and leave no room for boredom. Along the Marmot Trail below the Komperdell, the kids continue on an eventful discovery tour into the world of our mascot. 

And the real master detectives can take on the bear cache scavenger hunt - armed with a smartphone and a sense of adventure, they set off in search of the hidden bear treasure.

Flying Fox - Serfauser Sauser

Action and fun aren't just for the kids. The Serfauser Sauser – a flying fox over four sections from the Sunlines mountain station to the Komperdellbahn valley station is great fun for the whole family. A length of over 2,000 meters, top speeds of 65 kilometers per hour, and a flying height of 85 meters guarantee a special adrenaline rush. And you can enjoy a wonderful view from a bird's-eye perspective. You have to experience this!

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